Wishing Shelf Book Awards Winner!

Shiny medal!

Shiny medal!

“The Wrong Stripes” has been awarded the Gold Medal for Pre-School Picture Books in the 2018 Wishing Shelf Book Awards!!

It's very special to be recognized by these awards because the judges are primary school children, which is the target audience for the book.

The organizer forwarded me this wonderful list of feedback as well:

‘I read this every night for a week with my mum. It’s the best book ever.’ 
-Girl, aged 7

‘I liked this book so much. The zebra was cool.’ 
-Boy aged 6

‘It’s important for children to understand that everybody is different. The children understood the message but also they thought the story was fun. They loved the pics and all the sweet animals the zebra met. Lovely.’ 
-Primary teacher, aged 34

‘A lot of thought went into this picture book. The writing style is perfect for younger children, and the theme is simple to understand but also very relevant to them. My Yr 1 class used this book to discuss how animals – and people – can be very different and how important it is not to judge too quickly. Heartwarming and sweet.’ 
-Primary teacher, aged 52

To Sum It Up:
‘A wonderfully sweet story, superbly illustrated. A GOLD MEDAL WINNER and highly recommended.’ 
-The Wishing Shelf Book Awards