Thank You for the Love!!

The scariest thing about putting a creative project out in the world is that you have no idea how it's going to be received. Which is why I'm thrilled every time I receive a message or picture from someone that loves the book.

100 Thank Yous

I also received this amazing collection of thank you notes from the students I visited last year. It was so humbling, and I loved how each of them had a unique spin on the the character and story!


The Rudy Report

Young Anneka from Pune created this charming book report on The Wrong Stripes, complete with descriptions of an actual zebra.
From the report, I learned that a group of zebras is also known as a “zeal”. How cool! Thank you, Anneka!

A League of His Own

Support comes in many forms, and I was so touched when my local tennis league team named themselves after the book.
Happy to say that the team finished the season with a stellar record too!


Thank you so much for sharing your Rudy stories and for all your support!